Thyroplasty with simultaneously use of silastic and Gore-Tex implants

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Introduction: Type I thyroplasty for unilateral vocal fold paralysis restores voice. In medialization thyroplasty carved sailastic, prefabricated, dense hydroxyapatite and Gore-Tex implants are routinely used.
Materials and Methods: In this prospectively study thyroplasty performed with simultaneously use of carved sailastic and Gore-Tex implants. Nine patients with true vocal fold paralysis due to complication of cardiac surgery, thyroidectomy and idiopatic, underwent medialization thyroplasty by this method. In six patients, just sailastic implant was used and results compared together.
Results: Mean duration of follow was 9 months. 5 patients had excellent voice improvement. The voice improvement in four patients was good. In patients with only sailastic implant, just one patient had excellent voice improvement and 5 patients had dysphonia.
Conclusion: In this method carved silastic is placed in thyroid cartilage window just one time and additional medialization is performed by insertion of Gore –Tex strips between cartilage and silastic implant. Resulting decreased manipulation of surgical field and surgical time, paralyzed true vocal fold edema is reduced and judgment of voice improvement was exact.


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