Hamartoma of the Vallecula in a Five-Month-Old Infant- A Case Report

Document Type : Case Report


1 Department of Pediatric Otolaryngology, Hospital Infantil de México, Federico Gómez, México.

2 Department of Pathology, Hospital Infantil de México, Federico Gómez, México.


Hamartomas is a neoplasms composed of mature tissue elements from the affected site with disproportion between their components. Although lingual hamartomas are traditionally infrequent in the head and neck, a significant number of case reports with this disorder in infancy are arising from the literature.
Case Report:
We present a remarkable case of a vallecular hamartoma in a 5-month-old infant. Moreover, the value of histopathological diagnosis was highlighted regarding the differentiation between hamartomas and other benign/reactive lesions.
Surgical excision is regarded as the treatment of choice for vallecular hamartomas; in addition, no recurrence has been reported after complete resection.


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