Aspiration and Steroid Injection-An Effective Approach for Auricular Seroma

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Department of ENT, Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore city, Karnataka State, India.


Auricular seroma is a benign condition of the pinna usually following blunt trauma. This condition which presents with a simple swelling of the pinna is occasionally associated with pain and may result in permanent disfigurement of the pinna owing to delay in diagnosis or mismanagement. Various techniques have been proposed and practiced over the years to treat this uncomplicated condition. However, since this condition is notorious for its recurrence, it has always posed a challenge to the ear, nose, and throat surgeons. Therefore, a simple technique known as aspiration and intralesional steroid injection was proposed in this study for the treatment of auricular seroma.
Materials and Methods:
A total of 30 patients with a clinical diagnosis of auricular seroma were studied over a period of six years at a tertiary care hospital in Mangalore, India. The seroma was aspirated with a 22 gauge needle followed by intralesional injection of Triamcinolone acetate (40 mg/1 ml). The patients were followed up strictly for two weeks, one, three, and six months, as well as one year, and thereafter at yearly intervals as long as possible. No recurrence was observed as the main outcome of treatment for at least one year.
None of our patients had recurrence at the end of one year. In total, 15 patients followed up for at least two years. In addition, four patients are continuing follow-ups at the moment (i.e. six years post-treatment).
Aspiration and intralesional steroid injection is a simple, minimally invasive, cost-effective, and a promising treatment modality which avoids recurrence.


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