A comparison study on latency and amplitude of auditory brainstem response and auditory middle latency response in patients with multiple sclerosis and in healthy control group aged between 20 to 50 years old

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1 Member of the academic faculty of Audiology University of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

2 Associate Professor of Neurology

3 Hearing specialist


ntroduction: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disorder that involves CNS. Researches indicated that Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) and Auditory Middle Latency Response (AMLR) in MS disorder show some changes and can be used as diagnostic tests. So, the purpose of this study is to measure and compare the latency and Amplitude of ABR and AMLR waves in MS patients aged between 20-50 years.
Materials and Methods: This cross sectional descriptive-analytic and non-intervention study were conducted on 31 MS patients and 34 normal cases aged 20-50 years. ABR and AMLR were performed on each case. Then amplitude and latency of waves were studied.
Results: The mean latency of waves III, V (ABR), Na (AMLR) and Amplitude Ratio of V/I showed significant difference in both groups but comparing I (ABR) and Pa, Nb (AMLR) and amplitude of Na, Pa and Nb waves in two groups didn’t show any significant difference. 70% of MS Patients in ABR test and 50% in AMLR test showed some kind of disorders in one or more waves.
Conclusion: Using ABR test can help more in diagnosis process of MS in comparison with AMLR test.


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