Effects of subperiosteal tunnel creation on periorbital edema and ecchymosis after Rhinoplasty

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Otorhinolaryngologist, Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences


Introduction: In this study we try to determine the effects of sub periosteal tunneling before intranasal lateral osteotomies during rhinoplastic operation on periorbital edema and ecchymosis Materials and Methods: In 50 patients we carried out 100 lateral osteotomies which 50 without subperiosteal tunneling and 50 after subperosteal tunneling in a fashion that in each patient in one side we did sub perosteal tunneling and in the other side not .Then an other surgeon compared periorbital edema, ecchymosis and subcojunctival ecchymosis in each patient separately on 3rd postoperative day. Results: There was significant increment in perorbital edema, ecchymosis and subcojunctival ecchymosis in the side of patient whom subperiosteal tunneling carried out before itranasal lateral osteotomy. Conclusion: we suggest performing lateral osteotomies without subperiosteal tunneling during a rhinoplastic operation.


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