Factors Associated with Fracture and Migration of Tracheostomy Tube into Trachea in Children: A Case Series

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1 Department of ENT and Head Neck Surgery, AIIMS Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751019, India.

2 Department of ENT, JIPMER, Pondicherry- 06.


Tracheostomy is done to bypass the obstructed upper airway. Rare complication of this procedure is the fracture of the tube. Early identification and management of this condition is a great challenge to an otolaryngologist. To study the factors associated with the fracture and migration of tracheostomy tube into tracheobronchial tree in paediatric age group.
Materials and Methods:
This study is a case series study conducted on children with a diagnosis of fractured tracheostomy tube presenting as a foreign body airway over five years duration. Data regarding the possible patient and tube factors responsible for the condition were collected and analysed.
Total 11 patients (males-5 and females-6, average age-10.18 years, range 1-15 years) wearing tracheostomy tube for an average period of 2 years (range 3 months-8 years) were included in the study. Aspirated tubes were Jackson’s metallic inner tube, Romson polyvinyl chloride plastic tube and Fuller’s outer tube flange in 5 (45.5%), 4 (36.4%) and 2 (18.1%) patients respectively. The most common fracture site was at the junction between tube and neck plate (90.9%). The most common causes for fracture tube were prolonged use in 10 cases (90.9%), stomal narrowing in 9 cases (81.8%), and infection with peri-stomal granulation tissue in 9 cases (81.8%). 
A fractured tracheostomy tube is a rare but preventable late complication of tracheostomy. Appropriate training about proper tracheostomy care, timely check-up of tracheostomy tube for signs of wear and tear, scheduled replacement, regular follow up and awareness may prevention this complication.


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