Radiofrequency VS Cold Surgery to Treat Oral Papillomatous Lesions

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1 Department of Otorhinolaryngology, A.O.U.P. Paolo Giaccone, Via del Vespro, 129, 90127 Messina, Italy.

2 Department of Dentistry, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

3 Department of Otorhinolaryngology, A.O.U.P. Paolo Giaccone, Via del Vespro, 129, 90127 Palermo, Italy.


The aim of this study is to analyse different surgery (radio frequency and cold instrumentation) of oral benign papillomatous lesions.
Materials and Methods:
A retrospective study was carried out in our section of Otorhinolaryngology from 2014 to 2018. 112 patients with oral benign papillomatous lesions were enrolled and divided into 2 groups. Group A of 62 patients treated with excision of lesions using radio frequency using a bipolar coagulation electrode (CelonLabENT). Group B of 50 patients treated with excision of the lesion using traditional cold instruments (scalpel and surgical forceps). All patients were evaluated for intraoperative bleeding, discomfort and recurrence rate.
112 patients (of which 37 males and 75 females) with mean age 32.9 ranged from 10 to 61 years. The HPV types associated with oral benign papillomatous lesions were HPV 6 (17%), 11 (23,3%), 13 (10,7%), 32 (34%), 2 (10%) and 57 (5%). There are no statistically significant differents among patients operated with radio frequency (Group A) and cold instrumentation (Group B) regarding intraoperative bleeding (P= 0.08), recurrence rate after 1 year from surgery (P=1), intraoperative discomfort (P=0.7) and postoperative discomfort (P=0.6).
Radiofrequencies and surgery with scalpel and surgical forceps are equal valid methods for the treatment of benign papillomatous.


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