Investigation of the Serum Level of Vitamin D in Patients with Ear Cholesteatoma

Document Type : Original


Clinical Research Unit, Shafa Hospital, Kerman University of Medical Science, Kerman, Iran.


This study aimed to investigate the serum level of vitamin D in patients with ear cholesteatoma.
Materials and Methods:
This cross-sectional study was performed on 62 patients with middle ear cholesteatoma (case group) and 62 patients with simple chronic otitis media (control group). Both groups had the same age (32±1 in the case group and 34±1 in the control group; P=0.973) and gender. Vitamin D serum level was measured in the two groups. Data analysis was conducted using t-test and ANOVA.
According to the statistical analysis, a significant relationship was observed between the serum level of vitamin D and middle ear cholesteatoma (P=0.000). The results showed that the serum level of vitamin D was lower in the case group, compared to the control group.
Vitamin D serum level was lower in the cholesteatoma group. Moreover, it was strongly associated with hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo.