Prevalence of sinusitis in under 12 year old asthmatic children in Hamadan City, Western part of Iran

Document Type : Original


1 Department of pediatrics, Besat Hospital, Hamadan, Iran

2 Nursing student - Hamadan University of Medical Sciences


Introduction: Sinusitis is one of the differential diagnosis of asthma.  Association of sinusitit with asthma can result in severity of the disease and treatment failure. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of sinusitis in under 12 year old asthmatic children.
Material and Methods:  In this prospective cross sectional study, the prevalence of sinusitis was determined in 60 under 12 years old asthmatic patients (47 boys, 13 girls) according to clinical signs (headache, productive cough, post nasal discharge, purulent nasal discharge), and the graphy of paranasal sinuses. The data (age, sex, severity of asthma) evaluated in two groups of patients, with sinusitis and without sinusitis. The site of sinusitis and prominent clinical signs were determined in patients with sinusitis.
Results: The prevalence of sinusitis was 48.3%. There was no differences in sex distribution between two groups (P=42%). The mean ages were 6.9± 2.2yr in sinusitis group and 6.6±2.0 yr in group without sinusitis. The maxillary sinuses were the most abnormal sinuses in graphy (86.2%). The most prevalent sign was cough (55.17%). There were no differences in type and severity of asthma in the two groups.
Conclusion: The prevalence of sinusitis is high in asthmatic patients. In the cases of persistent cough in asthma, sinusitis must be considered. We didn’t find correlation between sinusitis and severity of asthma but it must be considered in the cases of poor control of asthma.