Large ectopic intrathoracic goiter: A case report

Document Type : Case Report


1 Department of thoracosurgery, Ghaem Hospital, Mashhad, Iran

2 Professor of Thoracic Surgery

3 Associate Professor of Thoracic Surgery

4 Assistant Professor of Pathology


Introduction: Ectopic intrathorcic goiter in comparison with retrosternal goiter is a rare presentation of thyroid disease, it must be considered in differential diagnosis of mediastinal masses, that may induce serious signs due to compression of other structures. In this article we report a case with large ectopic interathoracic goiter and we review the literatures.
 Case Report: A 43 years old woman presented with cough and dyspnea during pregnancy (1.5 year before) she came after labor and she had history of thyroidectomy 14 years ago. Radiologic exam showed widening of mediastinum and solid mass in upper lobe of right lung that filled half of hemithorax. Right thoracotomy was done and the huge mass with adhesion to lung was resected. Pathologic exam reported a multi nodular goiter. Patient discharged 10 days later with good general health.
 Conclusion: Ectopic intrathoracic goiter is a rare diagnosis in mediastinal and intrathoracic masses and must be diagnosed and treated before serious complications arise. Surgical resection is curative.