Inflammatory Septal Nasal Polyp

Document Type : Case Report


1 Department of Otorhinolaryngology, BPS Government Medical College for Women, Khanpur Kalan, Haryana, India.

2 Department of Pathology, BPS Government Medical College for Women, Khanpur Kalan, Haryana, India.


Nasal polyps are benign prolapsed mucosal lesions which commonly arise from the paranasal sinuses and lateral walls of the nose especially the contact areas of osteomeatal complex. Though nasal polyps arising from the nasal septum have been reported, those arising from its anterior part are extremely rare and present a diagnostic dilemma.  Aetiology is multifactorial and is mainly a result of the inflammatory response of the lining mucosa.
Case Report:
The case of a 28-year-old male, with a history of progressively increasing nasal complaints since 4 months and with a nasal mass arising from the anterior nasal septum on examination, is reported. Diagnosis of an inflammatory nasal polyp was made on histopathological examination after surgical excision of the mass.
The diagnosis of an inflammatory nasal polyp was not only unusual in terms of its location but also in its appearance on anterior rhinoscopy and tomographic scanning images. The definitive diagnosis in such cases can only be achieved through surgical resection and detailed histopathological examination.  


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