Volume & Issue: Volume 24, Issue 3, July and August 2012, Pages 105-151 
Epidemiology of Oral Cavity Cancers in a Country Located in the Esophageal Cancer Belt: A Case Control Study

Pages 113-118


Babak Saedi; Ebrahim Razmpa; Masoomeh Ghalandarabadi; Hamidreza Ghadimi; Farnaz Saghafi; Mahshid Naseri

Ossicular Erosion in Patients Requiring Surgery for Cholesteatoma

Pages 125-128


Ghodrat Mohammadi; Masoud Naderpour; Mehrnoosh Mousaviagdas

An Otogenic Trapezius Abscess: A Case Report

Pages 147-150


Fazal I Wahid; Adil Khan; Iftikhar Ahmad Khan