Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 1, January and February 2014, Pages 7-56 


Comparison of Preoperative Temporal Bone CT with Intraoperative Findings in Patients with Cholesteatoma

Pages 7-12


Mehrdad Rogha; Sayyed Mostafa Hashemi; Farhad Mokhtarinejad; Afrooz Eshaghian; Alireza Dadgostar

Evaluation of Distortion and Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emission in Tinnitus Patients with Normal Hearing

Pages 19-24


Helnaz Mokrian; Abdolreza Shaibanizadeh; Saeid Farahani; Shohreh Jalaie; Parvane Mahdi; Amin Amali; Homa Arian nahad

Short Paper

An Unusual Case of Acute Epiglottic Abscess

Pages 56-56


Tanthry Deepalakshmi; Devan PP; Manjunath Prasad