Reviewing the Entity: Retropharyngeal Fibrolipoma and a Rare Case Report

Document Type : Case Report


Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head Neck Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Saket nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.


Fibrolipoma, a subtype of lipoma is painless, well-circumscribed, slow-growing, submucosal benign adipocyte tumour. It is uncommon in the oral cavity and oropharyngeal region, with rare incidence in the retropharynx even rarest in pediatric age group.
Case Report:
A very unusual case of fibrolipoma is presented in a pediatric patient, who had a huge retropharyngeal fibrolipoma and who presented with breathing difficulty and increasing stridor. It was managed by intro-oral approach excision.
Although rare, retropharyngeal benign tumours should be kept in mind during the differential diagnosis of a paediatric stridor case. Early diagnosis is the key for a better outcome and to alleviate the worsening morbidity.


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