Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 6, November and December 2015 
2. Is Cholesteatoma a Risk Factor for Graft Success Rate in Chronic Otitis Media Surgery?

Pages 417-422

Mohammad Faramarzi; Mohammad Mehdi Dehbozorgi; Seyyed Taghi Heydari

3. Pharyngeal Packing during Rhinoplasty: Advantages and Disadvantages

Pages 423-428

Majid Razavi; Mehryar Taghavi Gilani; Ali Reza Bameshki; Reza Behdani; Ehsan Khadivi; Mahdi Bakhshaee

4. Effect of Ketamine on Post-Tonsillectomy Sedation and Pain Relief

Pages 429-434

Seyed Alireza Bameshki; Mohammad Reza Salari; Mahdi Bakhshaee; Majid Razavi

5. Evaluations of Factors Predicting the Need for an Extra-Cervical Approach for Intra-Thoracic Goiter

Pages 435-451

Ali Sadrizadeh; Sadeq Ghafarian; Seyed Ziaollah Hghi; Maryam Salehi

6. Montelukast in Adenoid Hypertrophy: Its Effect on Size and Symptoms

Pages 453-458

Farshid Shokouhi; Ahmad Meymaneh Jahromi; Mohamad Reza Majidi; Maryam Salehi

Case Report

9. Primary Small Cell Carcinoma of the Esophagus (PSCEC) Associated with Paraneoplastic Sweating Syndrome: A Case Report and Literature Review

Pages 473-477

Seyed Hosein Fattahi Masoum; Noorieh Sharifi; Shirin Taraz Jamshidi; Alireza Sharifian; Reza Rezaee

11. Promising Technique for Facial Nerve Reconstruction in Extended Parotidectomy

Pages 485-489

Ithzel Maria Villarreal; Antonio Rodriguez- Valiente; Jose Ramon Castello; Carmen Gorriz; Oscar Alvarez- Montero; Jose Ramon Garcia -Berrocal

Short Paper

12. Imaging Case: NK/T-Cell Lymphoma, Nasal Type

Pages 491-491

Srini vasan; Prathiba Rajalakshmi; Sanjay Thulkar