Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 1, January and February 2019, Pages 1-50 


1. CD14 as A Serum Immune Biomarker and Genetic Predisposition Factor for Allergic Rhinitis

Pages 1-9

Hadi Zare Marzouni; Reza Farid-Hosseini; Farahzad Jabari-Azad; Jalil Tavakkol-Afshari; Farahnaz Tehranian; Maryam khoshkhui; Amin Reza Nikpoor; Mojgan Mohammadi

2. Comparison of Grafting Success Rate and Hearing Outcomes between Primary and Revision Tympanoplasties

Pages 11-17

Mohammad Faramarzi; Mahmood Shishehgar; Saeed Reza Tofighi; Hadi Sharouny; Raman Rajagopalan

3. Serum 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with and Without Nasal Polyposis: A Case-Control Study in Northern Iran

Pages 19-24

Ali Faghih Habibi; Hooshang Gerami; Rahmatollah Banan; Ehsan Kazemnejad; Parsa Khoshkhat; Hooman Alaie; Shadman Nemati

4. Assessment of Otolaryngology Residency Training Program in Iran: Perspectives of Faculty Members and Recently Graduated Medical Students

Pages 25-34

Mohammad Faramarzi; Mohammad Hossein kaveh; Mitra Amini; Sayed Taghi Heydari; Azadeh Samiei; Masoud Motasaddi Zarandy; Ali Eftekhari Eftekhari; Mohammad Mahdi Ghasemi; Mohammad Hossein Baradaranfar; Masoud Naderpour; Mohammad Ajalloueyan; Sulmaz Mohammadi

5. Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery for Sinus Fungus Balls: Clinical, Radiological, Histopathological, and Microbiological Analysis of 40 Cases and Review of the Literature

Pages 35-44

Gian-Luca Fadda; Giovanni Succo; Paolo Moretto; Andrea Veltri; Paolo Castelnuovo; Maurizio Bignami; Giovanni Cavallo

Case Report

7. Extraosseous Ewing’s Sarcoma of the Parapharyngeal Space -A Rare Entity - with Review of Literature

Pages 51-54

Divya Khosla; Shalini Verma; Rajpal S Punia; Arjun Dass; Kislay Dimri; Gurbir Kaur; Awadhesh K Pandey

8. Voice Recovery in a Patient with Inhaled Laryngeal Burns

Pages 55-59

Geun-Hyo Kim; Soo-Geun Wang; Yeon-Woo Lee; Soon-Bok Kwon

9. Stridor in a Newborn with Double Aortic Arch-A Case Report

Pages 61-63

Elsie -Jane Anastasius; Halimuddin Sawali

10. Management of an Unusual Tracheoesophageal Party Wall Foreign Body

Pages 65-68

Kalaiarasi Raja; Sithananda-Kumar Venkatesan; Sivaraman Ganesan; Arun Alexander